2001.2 SH established, 5000sqm factory area
2001.3  CQC & ISO9000 qualification achieved.
2001.4  Products reach IPC and IEC standards.
2002.3  Acquisition of the UL certificate of Underwriters Laboratories.  
2004.1 SH to expand production, invest 23,600sqm industrial zone  
2005.3 To serve oversea market SH branch--VG Technologies Ltd(VGT) established 
2008.1  ''VGT'', annual ouput capacity of 80.000 m².. 
2009.3  ''SH ''  became an official supplier of Vtron.
2009  Yearly capacity of 120.000 m² double and multilayer circuits board. 
2010.2  Foundation prototype plant in Shenzhen.
2011.6  ''SH'' was awarded with the title of “Strategic Supplier” by Konka Group.
2011.12 Yearly capacity of 160.000 m² reached.
2012  Total capacity of 200.000 m² reached.

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